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Effective Rubber Fabrication & Molding

Your work requires the use of a variety of substances, and many times those substances are meant to stay in one place. Coastcraft offers rubber fabrication and rubber molding of products that provide effective seals and prevent leaks. Rely on us for products that optimize your equipment and overall operations.

Intricate Close Tolerance Molding

We manufacture fabric reinforced diaphragms, fabricate rubber-to-metal bonded components, grind the bonded seals to close tolerances, and mold all types of rubber parts to customer designs and specifications. We can mold fabric reinforced diaphragms with an effective area up to 18 inches in diameter and a stroke of up to 4 inches, from all popular elastomers and fabrics. Our staff is able to mold any shape to close tolerances in sizes up to 24 inches and heights to 18 inches.

With our grinding capability, we can grind bonded seals to close tolerances and flatness. After grinding we can lap seals that will seal pressure as low as 1/2 inches of water pressure.

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Rubber-to-metal bonding is applicable where movable metal parts must provide precision tolerance and zero-leakage seals. We can bond any of the common or exotic combinations of elastomers and metals from Buna-N and aluminum to Viton and stainless steel. Supplied complete or with customer-furnished insert.

Variable Area Free Loop Diaphragms

This type of diaphragm will function with a variable effective area throughout its stroke. Free loop type convoluted diaphragms provide versatile pressures and sensitivity in precision energy transfers. Flange bead seals and bonded metal back up plates are only a few of the many possibilities that Coastcraft can mold for you.

Fabric Reinforced Rolling Diaphragms

These types of diaphragms provide a constant effective area throughout the stroke. Flange and piston areas can be beaded for maximum seal. Gasket flange designs manufactured to any desired hole pattern, configuration, pressure, or temperature accommodation.


  • Design: To Customers' Specifications
  • Pressure to 500 PSI: Differential
  • Temperature: 65 to 500 Fahrenheit
  • Tolerances: +/- .002"

Inquire about special sizes in non-standard elastomers.